Why Adepty?

A platform unleashing independent talent

About Us

Skill unleashed! adepty is enabling a growing community of solo service providers to showcase their skills, widen their communities and earn from new revenue streams! From the weekend hobbyist to the round the clock pro, adepty brings a renewed focus on independent talent!

We are an Irish based startup, created by a small but nimble team in response to the impact of Covid on solo entrepreneurs and their customers.


  • Democratise access to technology - At adepty we want to help grow your income irrespective of where you are on your journey, so we are determined to provide the same functionality irrespective of your income levels. We hope you will agree, this is quite fresh, dare we say radical thinking...We believe this sets us apart and also represents the spirit of what our platform is about and how we want to grow our community. We as a platform will thrive, only when our community of sellers earn!

  • Opportunity with diversity - We believe in the positive influence platforms can have on society. Today, sadly some sections of society are underrepresented in entrepreneurship. By lowering the technological and financial barriers to launching a new service, we hope that we can help spark a fresh wave of entrepreneurial talent.

  • Joy in what you do - The ancient Greeks had a word, “MERAKI”, which means to put something of yourself into your work, to do something with love and passion. That’s how we approach our work on adepty, as we have loved every minute of growing our platform and we endeavour to help others grow their income with “MERAKI”.

Message from our founder

Covid has forced many of us to re-think how we live and operate in the new normal. As we reemerge, consumer preferences have changed significantly. Some can't yet picture themselves going back to crowded business premises, others simply can’t on health grounds. New options such as coming to your home, 1:1 appointment scheduling and/or shifting to online need to also be extended by providers to accommodate accordingly.

Importantly the forced absence of many service providers has reminded us all just how important skilled locals entrepreneurs are to the very fabric of our way of life. I see a growing empathy and appreciation for the challenges faced by independent service workers as many are our friends, our family, our neighbours, members of our local communities... Covid just reminded us of that!

I founded adepty to positively contribute to how communities connect and engage with skilled providers. adepty aims to do so by championing talent, embracing community and democratising access to technology. Please join us on this journey by buying services of independent providers, recommending top talent or offering your own services on our platform.

Thank you

Ciaran | Founder of adepty